LIDAR DTM – Via 15

Opdrachtgever: GelreGroen

Locatie: Arnhem

LIDAR DTM – Via 15


The roads around Arnhem are getting busier and busier. That is why the government, together with the province of Gelderland, is tackling these traffic jam problems. They do this by extending the A15 and widening the A12 and the A15. The A15 will be extended for 12 km and connected to the A12. This creates a direct connection between the port of Rotterdam and Germany. This expansion of the road network and the widening of the A12 and A15 also improves the regional traffic flow.

The assignment

Kavel 10 has been asked to accurately survey the entire situation. Requested products were a DTM, pavement report, drive-through profiles and profile free space.

Techniques used

We did the collection from the air with our surveying aircraft. This aircraft is equipped with a LiDAR laser scanner and a high-quality camera system.

Measuring aircraft

During the flight, the LiDAR data or the point cloud is collected in combination with the aerial photographs. The advantage of aerial collection is that each piece of land is mapped without actually entering the site. In addition to the practical point of view of not entering the site, this is also a safe method of collecting data. After all, there is no need to enter next to, for example, the motorways.

Mobile LIDAR scanner

With our measuring vehicle, we have obtained a dense point cloud of 2500 points per square meter. At the same time, panoramic images are collected. These images can be used during the processing of the DTM for quality and control. In addition, we use the images from the panoramic camera to color the point cloud.

Land Surveyor

In order to check and fit in with the DTM, extensive fieldwork was also carried out. After the execution, these measured points will also be used for the preparation of the control report. This provides insight into the achieved accuracy and method of measurement.

The result

We collected the data from and under the viaducts and portals from the road with our measuring vehicle which is equipped with a LiDAR laser scanner and a panoramic camera.

In addition to the requested products, all data driven and flown has been made available via our online data portal. GelreGroen was given a so-called combined ‘point cloud’, overview photos, panoramic photos and obliek photos of the entire project area.

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