Industrial water supply Groningen – Eemshaven

Opdrachtgever: Waterbedrijf Groningen

Locatie: Groningen

Industrial water supply Groningen – Eemshaven


The “North Water” collaboration between Waterbedrijf Groningen and Evides Industriewater is building an industrial water pipeline between Appingedam and Delfzijl. By connecting this new water pipeline to the existing pipeline between Garmerwolde-Eemshaven, companies in the Delfzijl region can make use of these pipes. The water comes from the Eemskanaal, so there is no need to use expensive drinking water.


The chemical companies in Delfzijl expect to need more and more water in the coming years in order to continue their operations. This is partly due to the switch to bio-based raw materials and the arrival of new companies such as Google.

Te assignment

We were asked to accurately map the ground level elevations of the entire section. In 2019, we have already fully surveyed the project for a comprehensive 0-measurement. Now by flying the same traject again with our LiDAR system, an accurate elevation and difference map can be made. In addition to surveying the heights of the project area, a high resolution aerial photograph is also taken. This is processed into an orthophoto with a resolution of 3 centimeters per pixel.

The word is to the customer

Niek Luijt

Projectleider Nieuwbouw Distributie

For the construction of the transport pipelines for both drinking and industrial water we were looking for a correct record of the existing situation of the route. Because the Industrial Water pipeline route involved 30 kilometers and the Drinking Water pipeline route 44 kilometers, it was impossible to measure all of this manually. This is why we contacted Kavel 10 to have it measured and recorded by aircraft. Afterwards, we can also have the differences measured and we can also share this with the owners for the purpose of settlement.

Quick and customer-oriented solution to measure and record long trajectories


Due to the location and course of the project area, airborne collection was used with our survey aircraft.  The collected data was checked by surveyors in the field and fitted with RTK-GPS equipment.

Airborne LiDAR

LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) is a technology that determines the distance to an object or surface through the use of laser pulses. This technique is special because it can eliminate the vegetation and vegetation present from the measurements and measures the actual ground level. The collected point clouds are combined into one total point cloud with different classifications such as soil, buildings and vegetation.

High-resolution orthophoto

Based on the loose perpendicular photos taken with our aerial photo cameras, we make ortho mosaics. These ortho mosaics are processed by means of a software process into one seamless photograph. By planning the collection with an overlap a metrically correct product of an area is produced. Often these are municipalities, provinces or other larger areas. These photos can be used as a basis for GIS packages or AutoCAD.

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