Fast bike route Breda – Tilburg

Opdrachtgever: AGEL Adviseurs – Currently: Stantec

Locatie: Breda

Fast bike route Breda – Tilburg


From the city center of Breda to city center of Tilburg in just over an hour on a bike path of approx. 24 kilometers. Kavel 10 has been asked to fully map out the situation on behalf of AGEL advisors. We did this from the ground and from the air.

The assignment

For the construction of the new fast cycle route from Breda to Tilburg, a full strating situation was needed. The bike path to be built crosses several municipalities and a piece of provincial area. An extra challenge was that the bike path ran through stretches of nature in addition to built-up areas. This limited the possibility of collection from the ground. In order to achieve all this optimally, it was decided to use both from the ground and from the air.

Word from our client

Richard Hendriks

Project leader Geodesy

The vision of AGEL adviseurs B.V. is to create our environment together. In the projects that we as AGEL adviseurs B.V. carry out and have carried out, Kavel 10 is a very reliable partner. Also in the project of the fast bike route it has been proven that working TOGETHER is really quality enhancing. I have therefore always worked equally with Frank in this project and together with the client Tilburg I looked at what is needed for this type of project. It is great to see that we know and understand each other’s processes so well, so that we provide total advice and implementation.

Nice to see that we know and understand each other's processes so well, so that we provide total advice and implementation.

Techniques used

For this project, our aircraft was used next to our mobile mapping system with an LiDAR mounted on the roof. Combining these techniques allowed us to get a complete picture of the challenging area.

Measuring plane

To get a good picture of this project, we flew at limited height. The project area runs along Gilze-Rijen Air Base. Because we work with manned aircraft, this is not a limitation for the implementation for us. During the flight, LiDAR was simultaneously collected as image material. These are processed into an orthophoto with a resolution of 3 centimeters GSD and a point cloud with 100 points per square meter.

Mobile LiDAR scanner

With our measuring vehicle, we have obtained a dense point cloud of 2500 points per m2. At the same time, panoramic images are collected. These images can be used during the reprocessing of the DTM for supplementation and control. In addition, we use the images from the panoramic camera to color the point cloud.

Digital terrain model

Based on all the data collected, a complete DTM has been reworked according to NLCS guidelines. This centimeter-accurate model contains all the pavements and elements present in the area. This AutoCAD model can be used as a basis for further developments in the area.

Control and integration with GPS and TS

The DTM measurements of Kavel 10 always come with a quality report. For this purpose, points are measured in the field that can be found in the mobile scan data. By combining these datasets with each other, conclusions can be given about the appropriate accuracy.

The result

In coordination with AGEL advisors, a DTM according to NLCS structure was worked up from the data. In order to meet the requirements of the clients, fitting points have been levelled throughout the project area. By leveling the fitting points, we ensure that the altitude has the highest possible accuracy. In also, after the reprocessing of the DTM by surveyors, various field checks were done to check the reprocessed lines.

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