Airborne survey Leiden-Rijswijk

Opdrachtgever: GASUNIE NV

Locatie: Leiden

Airborne survey Leiden-Rijswijk


Gasunie is preparing the construction of the main hot water transport pipeline. This is also called WarmtelinQ. WarmetlinQ is an underground pipeline with which residual heat from the port of Rotterdam can be used to heat homes and businesses in the south of Holland. With the hot water, homes and businesses can be heated sustainably in the long term.

The assignment

In order to map this project, Kavel 10 uses combined systems from the air. In one flight movement, aerial images and LiDAR are collected.

From the LIDAR data, an accurate ground level file is delivered from which all vegetation is filtered. The aerial images are processed into high-resolution orthophotos that give a sharp picture of the territory.

In addition to these datasets, Kavel 10 also elaborates a high-resolution 3D mesh of the entire project area. A 3D copy of reality is published by Kavel 10 in the ArqGIS online portal. This ensures that all parties involved have easy access to all data.

Techniques used

In order to be able to deliver all products, our combined measuring system from our measuring aircraft the PH-KIO was used. This aircraft has two inspection hatches which makes it possible to obtain images and LiDAR in one flight movement.


LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) is a technology that determines the distance to an object or surface through the use of laser pulses. This technique is special because it can eliminate the vegetation present from the measurements and measure the actual ground level. With this we create a super accurate ground level file for Gasunie.


With our metric camera, images are shot simultaneously with 5 lenses. These lenses are both downwards (Nadir) and in 4 wind directions (obliek). The flight planning is planned in such a way that all images with overlap are taken. This allows the software to build the 3D model and generate a high resolution orthophoto.

3D Mesh

In addition to the collection and processing of LiDAR and visual material, Kavel 10 also always provides 3D mesh data for Gasunie. These high resolution mesh models are extremely suitable for support in planning. All our models are made directly available via ArcGIS online to be used in this way by Gasunie NV and its partners.

The result

We deliver all data products digitally to Gasunie. We also upload that 3D mesh data directly to ArcGIS online. These results can be viewed by the customer in the online environment and can be downloaded to the local environment if necessary.

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