Vision 10

Vision 10

What can you do with the Vision 10 viewer?

With Vision 10 you keep the full user right over your data. All data collected by Kavel 10 can be accessed in the viewer. If you have data from another party, we can also unlock it in our viewer. This way you can keep your history and keep access to these data sources.

For which datasets is Vision 10 used?

We obtain datasets for many parties such as counties and contractors. These can be easily accessible via the web viewer Vision10. This allows you to easily consult and use the data anywhere. In many cases, Vision10 is used with a link or API to a GIS package.

What data does Vision10 unlock?

Oblique photos

Oblique photos are taken from the plane and have 45 degrees facing the earth’s surface. This gives you a view of the rear/front and / or side view of buildings and objects.

An oblique photo is delivered in .tif or .jpeg format together with the corresponding photo location. This makes it possible to view the obliek photos in a GIS environment. Obliek photos are often taken together with an orthophoto.

360° panoramic images

Kavel 10 annually surveys thousands of kilometres of roads with panoramic cameras mounted on our measuring vehicles. The images are collected with our own developed 150 MegaPixel camera that can be expanded with high-quality LIDAR technology.

Do you have any questions?

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Richard Brouwer

Project manager and owner Kavel 10