Static laserscanning

Static laserscanning

What is a static scan?

Static scanning is done by means of a scanner that is fixed in one position. From this position, the scanner scans the environment at 1,000,000 points per second under high accuracy. The point density with this technique is the highest and most accurate of all scanning techniques. This makes this technique very suitable if high accuracy is required within a project. From a static scan setup you can scan up to 200 meters, these setups can be linked together by means of software to a scan of a larger area.

What are static scans used for?

Static scanning is often used where a high accuracy is required from the scan. Because we work with fixed setups, the area to be measured is often smaller than when measuring with mobile scan variants. Static scans are also often used in buildings such as homes or office buildings. With static scans, range of GPS is not necessary, which makes it possible to work quickly indoors.

What systems are used?

Kavel 10 has several statical scanners from Trimble that can be used separately. The specific demand within the project will be looked at and the relevant scanner will already be used.


Our data specialists will then take care of the processing of the scans. With a team of 10 data specialists with a wealth of project experience, we help customers in all kinds of different markets.

Do you have any questions?

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