Oblique images

Oblique images

What are oblique photos?

Oblique photos are taken from the plane and face 45 degrees down to the earth’s surface. This gives you a view of the rear, front and side view of buildings and objects.

An obliek photo is delivered in .tif or .jpeg format together with the corresponding photo location. This makes it possible to view the obliek photos in a GIS environment. Obliek photos are often taken together with an orthophoto.

Obliek photos can also be viewed in an online Vision10 viewer. This viewer is hosted by us and gives access to both orthophotos, obliek photos, panorama1s and if desired 3D models.

What are they used for?

Oblique photos are often used for inspection purposes of objects, quays and dikes. Obliek photos are also used by many Dutch municipals to carry out public tasks. These razor-sharp annually flown images provide a wealth of information for the user.

What systems are used?

Kavel 10 uses multiple oblique systems with 4 high resolution cameras coupled with a high-quality GPS and GNSS system. This allows us to provide the images with accurate location data. This also makes it possible to triangulate the images with an AT process. These high accuracy photos lend themselves extremely well to texturing LOD models.

3D Mesh

A 3D mesh is a photorealistic 3D model. These models are extremely suitable for creating visualizations. This model is generated based on the LIDAR and photo data that has been collected. The models can be exported in various exports such as OBJ, SLPK, 3DML, Cesium and many others. The models can also be used in AutoDESK software and can be combined with designs.

Textured LOD models

The term LOD (Level of Detail) model refers to the detail level of the model. In this context we mean object-oriented 3D models. These models are built on the basis of our collected data and enriched with attribute data. This data is linked to the 3D geometry and thus enriched with existing data. The detail level of the model can be coordinated in consultation with the customer. Deliveries of LOD models are often made in line with established guidelines in CityGML. Our riled images are ideal for texturing your LOD models.

Vision 10 online webviewer

Use our oblique photos in our web viewer Vision10. We support most GIS packages. This allows you to continue to work in your trusted GIS package.

Do you have any questions?

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Richard Brouwer

Project manager and owner Kavel 10