Airborne LiDAR

Airborne LiDAR

What is Airborne LiDAR?

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and is a technology that determines the distance to an object or surface through the use of laser pulses. The technique is similar to radar, where radio waves are used instead of in this case laser waves. The special thing about this technique is that it makes it possible to eliminate any vegetation and vegetation present from the measurements. This makes it possible to measure the actual ground level.

What is it used for?

Airborne LIDAR is very suitable for mapping inaccessible areas. Because we fly with manned aircraft, we have no flight restrictions over buildings, nature reserves or airports. In addition to large projects, Kavel 10 also carries out many small projects with the manned aircraft every year. You can think of volume measurements or small DTM extractions.

What kind of product can we supply?

The collected data is processed by our specialists into various end products. In close consultation with the customer, all specifications are discussed and recorded. Depending on the wishes of the customers, the following products below can be reprocessed and delivered.

Mow field / Ground level? models

A frequently requested product based on airborne LiDAR extraction is a ground level model. This model gives an accurate picture of the mow fields gradient under the vegetation present. By properly classifying the acquired point cloud, we can map the ground level precisely. We export the files in different outputs to make it easy to work in different software packages.

Digital terrain model DTM

The name explains its all perfectly, we digitize the outdoor environment. These DTMs are often used for civilian purposes. Based on the collected data, a model in AutoCAD is processed into vectorized line files in NLCS structure. DTM also often refers to a detailed height file of the ground level. In this case, it is used for calculating quantities and heights.

Do you have any questions?

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