Agricultural field measurements

Agricultural field measurements

What is an agricultural field measurement

We have been carrying out GPS measurements for farmers for several years, providing surveying information about the plot areas. We use a quad bike equipped with a 360-degree camera and two GPS systems to determine the surface area of the agricultural plots. The 360-degree photos collected simultaneously with the GPS measurement also serve as a burden of proof towards the government. With this measurement and the field photos taken, we can provide GPS data for an objection procedure.

What does an agricultural field measurement entail?

Depending on the type of field measurement, we map out the need. Our surveyors are equipped with different types of surveying equipment to be able to carry out the measurements accurately. The field measurements are then worked out into the desired reports.

RVO plot measurements

Land has become an important means of production for farmers, which is why correct plot registration is very important. Results from previous years have shown that the surface area increase is on average about 2%. Our measurements meet the requirements set by the government and the measurement can be read directly into the Combined Statement.

Free range poultry farm

For the poultry farmers, we frequently visualize the free range. After mapping the runout, our draftsmen apply the necessary boundaries within the runout to meet the applicable requirements. All data is processed in a measurement report that can be used by the inspection authorities.

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