3D City model

3D City model

What is a 3D City Model?

Management in 3D is becoming increasingly popular with Dutch governments. Where in the past it was only a beautiful 3D representation of the city, nowadays it is 3D models that are used for many purposes.

Kavel 10 has built up a lot of experience with collecting 3D data under the highest quality. Kavel 10 has collected 3D data for several cities in Europe and built up city models.

Our manned aircraft is extremely suitable for collecting all the necessary data in a single flight. Our people also have a lot of experience with building the 3D city models in different file formats such as CityGML.

For what are they used for?

The 3D city models contribute to the smart management of the city. In the transition of management from 2D to 3D, these models play an important role. Within counties, the models are often used within different departments. City engineers and development use the model for future plans. City management and permit use the models to carry out the daily management tasks.

What kind of products will be delivered?

The collected data is processed by our specialists into various end products. In close consultation with the customer, all specifications are discussed and recorded. Depending on the wishes of the customers, the following products below can be reprocessed and delivered.

LOD models

The term LOD (Level of Detail) model refers to the detail level of the model. In this context we mean object-oriented 3D models. These models are built on the basis of our collected data and enriched with attribute data. This data is linked to the 3D geometry and thus enriched with existing data. The detail level of the model can be coordinated in consultation with the customer. Deliveries of LOD models are often made in line with established guidelines in CityGML.

3D meshes

A 3D mesh is a photorealistic 3D model. These models are extremely suitable for creating visualizations. Based on the LIDAR and photo data collected, this model is generated. The models can be exported in various exports such as OBJ, SLPK, 3DML, Cesium and many others. The models can also be used in AutoDESK software and can be combined with designs.

True ortho

The True Ortho is an increasingly demanded product. This ortho in which the overretic is corrected can be supplied as a by-product when making a 3D Mesh. These orthos are good to use for direct mapping because each pixel represents the true pixel on the ground. In order to be able to make a good true ortho, more overlap is needed during the collection. The flight plan is adjusted accordingly.


Kavel 10 works directly with various parties for access to 3D data. We unlock 3D data with our partners Future Insight and ESRI for various customers. Because we work on the basis of open formats, the models can be used in many different software packages.

Do you have any questions?

Call 0512 – 57 00 71 or send an email to stefan@kavel10.nl

Stefan Brouwer

Owner Kavel 10